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Step 1.- Complete and submit your profile 
(Level of service, company details, contact details)

Step 2.- Complete, sign and submit your Sabre promotional agreement

Step 3.- Complete, sign and submit the

Data Release Authorization Form (DRA)

Click here to e-sign your DRA

If you represent a Corporate Account:

The DRA must be e-signed by you.  It provides your authorization for the access of transactional hotel booking data from your designated travel management company (TMC) to FareAudit, Inc. to generate and update your Company’s BTPIndex on a daily basis.

If you represent a Travel Management Company (TMC) or a Corporate Travel Consultant:

The DRA must be e-signed by your corporate clients (one document per client).  It provides you (as their TMC of record) with your corporate client’s authorization to provide Company’s transactional hotel booking data to FareAudit, Inc. to generate and update your corporate client’s BTPIndex on a daily basis.

Step 4.- Implementation of the BTPIndex

Once you sign the Promotional Agreement and the Data Releaase Authorization Form:

A) Your BTPIndex account will be activated.

B) You will receive an email with your login credentials.

C) BTPIndex will Open Branch Access that will trigger the daily data collection from the Agency's Global Distribution System.

D) You will be notified when your BPTIndex Account is ready.


For any additional question as you activate your BTPIndex account, please contact: